A feeling called envy

Sometimes, it feels comfortable when you’ve known nothing but your own-bubble-world while you observer the world around you. You just only looked on their silly habit and problems, and was nothing to do. And it still makes you little happy because you know where they were and what they do. You’re not losing contact with them.

But somehow, it feels tragic when you saw their togetherness fun photos on social media they’ve shared. You feel like you’re from far faraway and different planet with them right now. They’re still hanging out whenever they have a free time.

Look at you!


Yeah, me!

Who miraculously have an-unlimited-free-time, but couldn’t  hangout with them even once time. Blame it to yourself body, which isn’t ever obeying you.
Maybe I would cry on my entire life and blame to the destiny why that things happened to me. But it would just happen when I was me from a different time—from a planet who called earth. Right now, I’ve thrown my lonely selfishness faraway from me. I just bear with my tragic life with widened open eye.
Maybe, I’ll still feel a painful, a sadness and a loneliness feeling whenever I tried to peep out social medias I have. But..
I just say to my self that there’s nothing you can do. So, prove yourself condition and grow your different planet up!


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